Buying a VA Foreclosure to Flip: To season or not?

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I am under contract on a VA foreclosure and plan to rehab and put back on the market in 30-45 days. I know Fannie Mae typically requires 90 holding period before I could flip a Fannie Mae foreclosure but what about VA? Nothing in my contract states I have to wait but I don't want any surprises.

When you are buying as an investor, only FNMA has a deed restriction on the buy side that prevents you selling for more than 120% of the purchase price for 90 days

When you go to sell, if your buyer is looking to obtain an FHA loan, the contract may not be executed for 90 days from the date the deed is recorded. VA,FNMA or USDA loans do not have this requirement

With all offers, check with the buyer's lender to make sure they do not have any "overlaying" requirements