Looking for a Local rehabber in Southern california ( I.E Area)

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Hello my fellow BP members,

This is my first time posting here and I just want to thank everyone who responds to peoples questions. Thanks for taking the time out of the day to help other members whether they are veterans or just starting out in real estate. With that said I'm looking for someone who can teach me the ropes of flipping homes in exchange for my help on weekends. Knowledge is what I seek and free labor, or what ever is needed, is what I can offer. Any help would be much appreciated and once again thank you everyone and I really do hope everyone is not only having a wonderful day but a wonderful life!

P.s I'm super nervous about posting on BP.

Jonatan Lopez

@Jonatan Lopez Relax and contribute, you will find gold here. There are a few opportunities that came from BP unfortunately i was not fit or it was not a great source for our company, but still the fire of helping others remained with me even if I am not looking to gain any business here.

@Manolo D. Thank you, I really do appreciate it. I'll definitely stay up to date on the forums and just keep learning and get creative with things.

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