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I am looking to purchase a 1950s-1960s split in one of the better school district towns within 128 and force appreciation by doing a rehab and adding an addition. Does anyone have recommendations for architects and general contracting firms in the Boston area? Especially those who have worked with splits as a starting point. Assuming higher end finishes e.g. granite countertops, SS appliances, hw floors throughout, and say 2000 sq feet to start out with to be expanded to 3000-3500 sq feet, what would the cost for a project like that look like? Yes, I realize it depends on exactly what finishes, but a realistic cost per square foot would help me assess if this even makes sense. I am beginning to look at “The Book if Estimating Rehab Costs” which is a fantastic resource, but would like to get other thoughts. Thanks.

@Vijay Padmanabhan I'm looking at one on the south shore in the morning that fits that model.  It's under 600 sq ft, but looks like an addition, making it a 3 bed, 2 bath, ~1,900 sq ft should really have some legs.

I think these kinds of value-adds are where we can still make some decent profit, even in a crazy competitive market.

Hey @Vijay Padmanabhan I might have some recommendations depending on which area you are looking to buy in. As you probably already know, prices range pretty dramatically depending on the location and town but in this tight market, updating and value add are great ways to help maximize on profit. If you have some more specifics on location or property, I would be happy to take a look at it and see how I could help.

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