driving for dollars and vacant homes

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hey everyone hope all is well. I am fairly new to the investing world and real estate currently working on my first flip and getting closer to finishing that project and hopefully selling it fast. in the meanwhile i would like to fill my funnel and get ready to do my next deal/flip based on the type of work i do i drive a lot all over town "essentially driving for dollars" i started to write down address of vacant/distress homes which may have potential for rehabbing and selling them. My question now that I have the address what's the next step , How do i track down the owner and get in contact with them (not afraid of calling them if i can get their number and talking to them on the phone), or their current address were i can be able to send them my information and show my interest of buying their home.

any information or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Look up the address on the county records website and get the owner name. You also want to see if they are tax delinquent because that can be a clue on their motivation. 

Now you have the owner's name. You can choose to try and google them and get some sort of number or pay for a "skip tracing" service to get their phone number. Once you have the number you can contact them but beware skip tracing doesnt always work and you will get a wrong number sometimes. I suggest you look up more info on skip tracing and how to call sellers.