BRRRR Rehab Tips for Higher appraisal.

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I just bought a single family house with a finished basement suite. I didn’t buy this for a BRRRR but I think I could swing it. The basement is in good shape and upstairs is also not bad the kitchen could use some updates or painting etc. It is 2 bedrooms up and 2 bedrooms down. It is already appraised about 10K higher then my mortgage. What could I do for Rehabs that would get me a higher appraisal without doing any major work? I know this depends on specifics but I’m looking for help.

@Brett Robinson

So you just want to do the bare minimum to give the house a higher appraisal.

Like you said, specifics would be nice so we can give you a good idea where to start.

Specifics like: How good are the floors? Are there any cracks in the drywall? Etc.

But since we don't have that yet, I can give you the general places that gives you the best bang for your buck. That is: Curb appeal (Put some flowers, mulch, rocks and paint porches if any), Kitchen (Paint cabinets if old, fix floors if tattered) Bathroom (Fix tattered floors, paint with brighter colors).

Those things don't require much professional work, you can do that on a weekend if you want to.  

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