What work is involved after listing a house?

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If I choose to list it myself, what's next? Do I just wait for phone calls from buyers agents?

Can you suggest a flat fee service to use? Isn't it $500?

I use Snapflatfee.com.  it only costs 99.00 for one year.  I get all the calls myself, put a lockbox on the property for buyers agents and cam also sell it myself which I have done when I show the property.  Love the savings and a member of BP is Jorge Sea and he can answers all your questions or check out their website.  

I have listed and sold all of mine. I have a lockbox, list it and wait on calls/emails/text. When I get an interested buyer (95% of the time it is an agent with a buyer) I vet the agent to make sure they are legit before giving out a lockbox code. After they see the house sometimes I stop in and make sure it's locked up, and my usual lights are left on. I also always ask for feedback.

When I have an unrepresented buyer I meet them at the house, allow them to go in and view it and then lock things back up. I have only done this 3 maybe 4 times in total, most serious buyers have an agent.

After it sells, update the MLS service you used and move on!

Just stick a homemade sign in the yard, make sure the number looks good when offered and cash a check!

Mike Cumbie, Real Estate Agent in NY (#10401285310)

Make sure it is appealing. Remove any clutter, cut the lawn, etc. You can use a discount listing service and put it on CL as well. Make sure and price it right. Don't give it away, and don't overprice it believing it is gold. In a hot market, a nice property will sell reasonably fast. 

John Thedford, Real Estate Agent in FL (#BK3098153)

Totally disagree. The right agent (and 99% are not the right agent) makes a big difference. 92% of sales use an agent. Make sure you are at least paying the participating agent (the buyer's agent) 2.5%. Most will not tell their buyers about the property without at least that much and they will take their buyers elsewhere. As we grew, we brought the function in-house and created a sales arm. Make sure it's someone that understands construction and the investment world. We found the attempt to save 2%-2.5% cost us a lot more. Good Luck!

@Doug Smith I agree, you have to offer a minimum of the average buyers agent share when you list. I did this and none of the agents had any issues with it. 

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