Mold problem, cost, expectations?

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Hi everyone, 

So I'm under contract on a triplex and one of the units was recently vacated due to eviction. When we inspected the unit (we're in the due diligence phase) we found the kitchen sink had been leaking for some time now. The entire bottom is rotted out, and you can smell mold that has been brewing under the sink and possibly in the subfloor of the kitchen (it's a slab so no basement for the water to run to). My question is how much should I budget if I need to get professionals in to clean the mold up? 

We plan on trashing the cabinet/sink/floor/subfloor once we close and remodeling the whole thing, but if I need professionals how much am I looking at? Also at what point do I need a pro to remediate and when can I just throw the cabinet/subfloor out? 


I should probably mention it's in South St. Louis city. 

I have only had one mold remediation. I believe it was about $400-500 for a small amount in an attic space. Nothing was removed it was just a "treatment". This was years ago, so my memory is fuzzy but the cost was much cheaper than I expected. In your instance, once you remove all the items down to the slab I imagine any remediation wouldn't be much.