Cost to finish gutted house?

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I'm looking at a 100+ year old,~2500 sqft house, 2 stories with unfinished attic and basement. The home has been completely gutted down to the studs. I'm wondering how much it would cost to finish the job?

  • Variables:
    • The windows have all been replaced, as has the roof.
    • The siding has been removed, I would replace it with fiber cement (vinyl would look ridiculous in the neighborhood)
    • The floors have original the hardwood. About half would need to be replaced(with midgrade hardwood, the rest of it can simply be refinished.
    • The basement has a dirt floor, I'd like to have concrete poured down there, but wont do anything else at this time (there are windows and a back door to pour/bring in cement)
    • I'd like to finish the attic and add a bathroom. (for my mother)
    • Add master bathroom on second floor (would be placed directly above the kitchen and across the hall from another bathroom)
    • All new systems (2 Zone HVAC, Plumbing (copper pipes), and electrical)
    • I intend to use Spray foam insulation
    • The entire house would use low-mid tier materials with certain splurges(hardwood, kitchen cabinets)
    • This will not be a rental, I'd live here.

I'm aware that it is hard to quote without seeing a property, but i'm really asking for a close ballpark estimate. I've gotten a few quotes from local contractors and they have ranged from 120k to close to 220k. I'd just like to know what you would pay/charge for a similar project in your respective markets.