Flipping Insurance! What insurance company/type do you use?

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What insurance company are you using? And what type of policy? 

I good friend of mine would always replace a certain 4 letter word with "flipping" so I think flipping insurance has 2 meanings. After spending 40min. talking to a agent just to have him call me back and say "sorry I cannot insure your property" I started looking around and came across Builders Risk insurance. after spending 40min. I found a few treads here but they are all old and the links seem outdated. I flip single family homes under a LLC.

@John Miranda - Builders Risk is what you want. I checked with my wife, who works for a local hard-money lender here in Texas, and that is what they require on flips. We follow the BRRRR strategy on our rentals and typically do some pretty big rehabs (for example, contracted on one that will be around $45k in rehab coming up), and during our heavier rehabs we also have to get Builders Risk. We use an insurance broker to shop multiple lines, but typically we seem to wind up with TAPCO.

My advice: find a broker that will shop multiple lines, not a captive agent that is dedicated to one line/company, and see what Builders Risk policies they can find for you.


Myself and everyone I know uses REIGuard for Builder's Risk from NREIG.  

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