Foundation issues - costs?

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I am considering making an offer on a property that has some settling and foundation issues. All doors and windows operate correctly, and don't appear to be affected. The engineer's report says it will need 10-12 underpinning piers some of which would be located beneath the garage floor, so excavation would be required.

There are some interior drywall cracks and exterior cracks on the brick veneer. There is noticeable sloping of the floor on the main and upper levels. The engineer's report also calls for fixing grading around the property and replacing the sump pump.

What kind of costs will I incur for these items? The engineer's report says $2000 per pier, is that realistic? Are there other issues that will need to be addressed that I should account for prior to offering on this property?

Wow, Colorado is expensive. In Texas I see ~$200 - $250 per pier, ~$400 engineers report, ~$300 for permit, ~$150 for plumbing test, etc. Those piers in Colorado are made of gold, lol.

Why are you getting repair quotes/engineer reports on the property that you dont have under contract? This seems like a waste of a lot of peoples time and money, except for the Engineer. 

Hi Darren, Thanks for your reply, we decided not to make an offer, as we found another property that we think has a better long-term outlook. The seller provided and paid for the the engineer's report, but I wanted to know if there would be additional costs involved, assuming his estimate was within the ballpark. I'm not sure what accounts for the variance in cost for the piers in CO. 

@Daren H. Maybe they could use the CO costs to bring down the price, and fly in the Texans to do the work under a CO contractor. At a 90% discount 10 piers*$2000 vs @$200 it would save some money! God bless Texas!

The geology in Colorado compared to Texas is vastly different if I am not mistaken. I would assume driving or pushing a pier through sand and soft clay if much easier then gravel and rock. Probably is the reason for the price difference but it could just be because of supply/demand.