hi! my wife and i purchased our first home/flip back in 2014 for $135k. We are closing on it in 2 weeks and we were able to sell for $221,500 after some hard work! Because the house was our primary residence for over 2 years, we won't have to pay the taxes on the income which is GREAT. Now we're looking for our next SFH to live in and fix up while we're living there and start the process again- except this time we don't want to stay for 2 years. We want to buy, fix, and get out quickly by selling. When considering our options for our next house, I thought we would be able to defer the taxes from the gains when we go to sell it however because it's our primary residence, it's not allowed. After researching, I learned that the 1031 loophole is to live in it and fix it quickly and then turn it into rental property for 1-2 years. Because it was converted to rental property, we can 1031 the gains which is also awesome. However, we want to be able to buy SFHs, fix them while we live there, and sell. Rinse and repeat. Does anyone have any ideas?