Pop Top Atlanta Estimate

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I am considering purchasing a flip in Atlanta that will need a second story addition.  I have a crew that does general rehab work but I am looking for a licensed GC to help with this project as we have never popped the top on a flip.  Basically looking for a GC to help with permitting and inspections and get us to a place where my guys can take over.  2 questions....  Can anyone give me a good estimate on cost for complete reno on a pop top in Atlanta?  Are there any Atlanta/Decatur area GC who would be interested in helping with this project?   Thanks!

That's a pretty general question, suggest you provide more detail on your project, i.e. square footage, what's the specific scope of what you want done (does GC drywall? electrical? both floors or just 2nd floor?), timeline, etc. I'm not a GC, but I've added a 2nd floor to one of my flips in NJ. Good luck.