What are some tips on increasing our reappraisal?

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We just put in offer in on our first duplex and have some ideas in mind for changing one side from a 2/1 to a 3/2. With simply adding a wall in one bedroom then cutting out a door in the hallway would add a bedroom for us (somehow sticking a closet in there). Then, the second bathroom is being used as a laundry room with the shower as storage.. besides me lol. By making one side of the duplex a 3/2, will this increase my reappraisal value if I’m trying to do the BRRR strategy? Also, are there any other small hints or tips or boosting the value if we cannot add on any more square footage to the property? Thank you for your recommendations and help! The Diecidue’s

will it increase the value on appraisal? MAYBE but probably not much.

make sure to pull all permits and convert correctly. I add bedrooms all the time, it helps on rents a TON. For appraisal your comps are the same sqft as your neighbor, but with an extra bedroom, so I wouldn't expect it to add much unfortunately.

make sure you or someone is at the property to talk to the appraiser. This is a people business....