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Hey guys just curious what type of appliances should I use on my current flip, the ARV on the property is 120k. I invest in the San Antonio market and the home is in a older neighborhood, let me know what you think.

I get a GE Stainless Steel appliance package, runs around 1100.00.

Should I go to lowes or home depot for that package?

I get it from a local shop. You are probably looking around $1500 for Lowes or a Home Depot deal. Try finding a local supplier/wholesaler and ask for the "base contractor package". Some do whirlpool, GE, etc.

Originally posted by Justin S.:
I get a GE Stainless Steel appliance package, runs around 1100.00.

Can you list the factory model numbers?

I can this afternoon. I'm going to install them in an hour.

Justin, do you use Allstate Appliance off of 17/Mcdowell ?

That's what and how much I've always spent for the same thing when I need appliances

If you buy at Lowes (or HD) go to the bid desk and get a discount, I have purchased many appliance packages from them and often use the Fridgidaire brand (a bit less expensive and looks just as nice, plus for a San Antonio $125k home, you don't need GE. You should be at $1100 or less at Lowes for such packages after discount.

Are you guys talking about the fridge, stove, dishwasher, and micro hood package?

Mine is stove, microwave, dishwasher. No fridge.

Mine is also Stove/oevn slide in combo, micro, and dishwasher.
Cooktops (those that install over the countertops) are more expensive, plus you have to still buy the oven.
We do not have to provide fridge in our area (except on high end homes - on a most recent one, I purchased the built-in fridge variety as it is necessary in such homes over $1M.)

Originally posted by Justin S.:
Mine is stove, microwave, dishwasher. No fridge.

Yo Justin,
How about them model numbers?

Hey will I think your spot on,I also get 10% off since I'm in the military. I checked out a scratch and dent store and they were a little cheaper than lowes or home depot for new 3 piece stainless steel. I always buy microwave, range and dishwasher.

@Will Barnard
Well la-ti-da Will. I don't know if I will ever get to step foot in a million dollar home. Much less flip one!! :D
You go dude. I wished I was going to Denver so I could talk to you some more.
I target 1st time buyers and feel a fridge is a good selling point along with the fresh remodel. I have even considered offering a washer and dryer.
I asked what yall considered a package because I just purchased all you have listed plus a fridge in SS for around $1700. When I saw the lower numbers, I thought I made a mistake.

I learned the hard way to stay away from GE. They are very difficult to deal with from an end-user perspective. Repairs are....Ridiculous. GE makes their appliances so that they cannot be repaired in a cost effective manner. They plan on making you buy new instead of repairing. Their customer service ethics are upside down. Frigidaire costs less, looks just as good, and is less unfriendly to repair pros.

As a flipper myself I know appearance sells...Name recognition on GE is good...Cause that's all they care about!

good luck

Funny how region dictates appliances. In our area we have to include 4 pieces plus washer and dryer.
I have been buying Whirlpool SS and have been happy with it. As for the W&D, we buy the cheapest we can find. Usually $500 for the pair.
I am working on one of the cheapest houses we have done so far at $190,000 ARV and we still have to be careful of the finish selection.

@Don Hines - I guess there is always next year! With teh turnout we have this year for the first ever Summit, I am willing to bet that next year, we will have at least double the attendance because everyone will be talking about how worth while it was and that the event was true to the promise (no upsells).

@Jim S - You are correct, every market is different and each area will dictate what you need to put into the home to sell it. Here in CA, the fridge is not expected (same goes for washer/dryer) in the regukar average homes.

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