What have you paid for plumbing work?

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we are replacing the water supply lines with pex through a 1200sqft house. 1 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room 2 outside hose bibs. We already bought materials and it was about $350 for all of it. interior walls are all open.

I got a quote from a plumbing company here in town and they said $100/hr per guy. Usually 2 guys on site. 1-2 days. So we are talking about 1600-3200. I am in Oregon, close to Portland.

I believe the job is pretty straight forward and simple so I am leaning towards hiring a handyman.

What hourly rate have you paid for a similar job?

My plumber is $120 per hour with a helper. He is well known and respected. I'm sure I could find someone cheaper but in my experience, the cheaper guys either don't show up at all or take forever. The biggest most expensive trade guys here win every time just because they are professional and actually do what they say. 

Get a quote for the job, don't leave it open ended.  He is telling $200 an hour for 2 days. One day vs 2 days for a plumber is a big range. Your walls are open.  How hard is it to get in a smaller ballpark.