Our sign in the yard for marketing?

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We officially landed our first rehab. It’s a ranch, 3bdrm,2 bath with finished basement.

We are doing a full cosmetic rehab and it’s going well.

My question is, we have a lot of the neighbors peeking and wondering what’s going on with the house...

Is it appropriate to think of putting a sign and papers of information introducing our business and inviting them to the open house to see the “finished product?”

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks so much for all your help!

I wouldn't recommend doing an open house or giving out flyers until the rehab is finished. There is no real reason to give your neighbors access before then. You are just satisfying their nosiness. 

When the rehab is finished (or close to finished), I would consider an open house. But even then I'd recommend working with a realtor. The realtor can expose your property to the qualified buyers who are willing to pay retail price for a rehabbed house. 

@Janine Kelbach instead of doing a for sale sign or flyers, get a bandit sign with “Coming Soon... another top flight fix up by Janine” (okay, something better than that, just suggesting a concept, there is a reason I pay a marketing service). Anyway, you could put a bitly link to your website with in progress photos. Put a web submission form there for anyone interested in knowing more. You now have leads and may be able to Presell the place even.