I’m new to the business in Lafayette Louisiana

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Hi I’m new to the buisness in Lafayette, Louisiana and am looking to learn everything I need to know to be successful in real estate in my city! I quit my job to start a lawn business and to rehab and flip houses. I have no clue where to start... I consistently listen to the podcasts but still don’t know how to get financing for my first flip. The idea is to flip a couple, then take that money to put a down payment on a quality rental by the college that I know will have no problem being rented out. If anyone is willing to simplify the process to me and point me in the right direction, please help! I’m a hungry entrepreneur with no debt to his name and willing to take risks while in my late twenties before I settle down. I will take any advice. Never stop learning! Thank you!!

@Seth Gary Welcome to Bigger Pockets. I'm right down the road in New Iberia and you will find a good amount of people from the Lafayette Area. There is a meet up every month in Lafayette hosted by @Robert Leonard which you should attend and there is also a group in Baton Rouge (The Ring) 

Sounds like you have a plan and hope you find what you are looking for!