Starting a RE Investing Group

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What's the best way to organize/start a monthly RE investing group??

Any ideas/thoughts?

Thank you


Hi Luiz,

A lot of people -- when putting together this type of group -- will look for other investors in a similar position to them (location, experience, goals, etc). Personally, I like to do the opposite -- I prefer to find investors who are doing *different* stuff than I am and who have different experience levels (preferably more experience).

Instead of reaffirming all the stuff I already know, this allows me to get new and different perspective on other types of investing. While I may not be interested in those other types of investing strategies, it will give me new things to think about and ultimately, all investing knowledge will help me improve my business, even if it's not directly related.

Plus, investors experienced in other areas will have a perspective different than mine, which is always a good thing. And lastly, going this route, you don't need to worry about those in your group competing with you.

In terms of how to find these people, BP is a great resource, local REIAs are a good resource, and just general networking with other investors in your area.

Just make sure everyone in the group has something to contribute -- while it may be good for brand new investors to mastermind with experienced investors, it's not particularly useful for the experienced keep your standards high for your mastermind groups and try to stick with an experienced core group of folks.

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