👋 I’m new (but have researched a ton) with the plan to get into BRRRRs and the occasional flip.

I’m over seas finishing a degree, and I’ll move back to the US in 10-12 months and that’s when I’ll start with my first deal. So, I want to learn everything I can until then, to get started off right.

— I’ve wholesaled a deal in the past so I understand the aspect of finding a good deal.

— Running all the numbers is second nature to me.

— Financing a deal feels like the easiest part (if you have a good enough deal, which is the goal anyway) and I understand several creative financing options and I have good capital available and credit.

The only thing that I’m scared of is the actual renovating and construction part.

I feel like in all the educational content out there they talk all about the points I mentioned above, which I understand quite well, but gloss over the actual renovation side of things. Any “deep dive” videos into flip or brrrr deals just cuts from before to after and they talk bits about what renovations they did, and I do learn some…

But I feel like I don’t know how to approach designing a renovation, working with a contractor to tell them what’s to be done and scope of work, and managing a project.

Where is the best place to really learn about this stuff?

I know that the best way to learn is to just get started and learn along the way, but I want to learn what I can in the year or so before I really get started.

The YT channel Home Renovision DIY seems to be a good resource I’ll dig into and some construction textbooks are also where I’m thinking of starting.


Any recommendations for how and where to learn somewhat in depth just about the renovation side of RE investing? Thanks a ton for reading 🙏