Looking for Like Minded People in Evansville

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Hi, my name is Ryan Clevenger and I'm new to Bigger Pockets and new to real estate investing on purpose.  To clarify "on purpose" I bought a home in Fort Branch and lived there 4 years and then sold it for a pretty nice profit but it was never an "investment".  Now I'm wanting to use some of that money to do my first live in flip.  I've started the process of talking to mortgage brokers.  I'm here to meet with like minded people and people with more knowledge than me.  I don't have much to offer in the way of knowledge but I can buy a beer, lunch, or even some grunt work when you are demoing a flip if thats what it costs.  I look forward to being part of the community

Hi Ryan! I'm a new wholesale investor and I found a real estate investor group called The Ohio Valley Real Estate Investment Club that meets in Evansville monthly. It's free to attend I attended  one meeting so far. I do plan on attending again. I found them on Meetup.com!

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

MarQuita Johnson


Thanks for the post! I am a new investor in the Evansville area and have been looking for a Real Estate Investor Group to join! This looks like a well established group that'll help Tri-State area investors connect with others!


Kyle J. Haney

Nice to meet you all.  I'm from Henderson Ky also looking to meet like minded people. I've learned a few things about house flipping and would like to expand my knowledge. I've completed one flip in Henderson Ky and looking for my second. The Investor group sounds like a good idea.. I'm interested in Evansville there seems to be growing opportunities. However I don't have many contacts or knowledge on laws and real estate in Evansville.. This seems like a good place to start!

Im from Indy but i traveled to Evansville this summer (first time ever) and i liked Evansville....and i saw so much potential. I wholesale and am very interested in this market. 

We're just closing our first multi family unit deal with 6 duplexes, scary but exciting at the same time. Thanks for the info on the Ohio Valley Group, I signed up to join their facebook page. 

Hello everyone! I have met @MarQuita Johnson at the meetup. I recommend it to anyone wanting to network in the area and learn from others. I would love to connect with any investors in Evansville. I am going to be at the Tax Sale tomorrow.If anyone wants to grab lunch afterwards I would love to talk. I am mainly a buy and hold investor but am open to any strategies.

Hope to connect with you all soon,

John "Dalton" Dellinger