Evansville IN referrals and market vibe

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Hi, we are considering investing in Evansville In and the greater Vanderburgh County area and would love some input on the market from any local investors. Also, any referrals for agents, management, attorneys, and other area professionals would be much appreciated. We will be focusing on SF at first, and likely moving to MF if the market feels good. Thanks!

@Andrew Bowlds , Yes! We are focusing our efforts on collecting info to make moves in the Evansville area right now. I am in the process of connecting the dots for our local team and anticipate a visit to the area in the coming month or so. I haven't been in the area for over 15years, and it sounds like it has changed a lot. We are currently looking in the UE, Haynie's Corner and north side areas. Do you have a quadrant that you prefer for buy/hold SF and 2-4unit MFs? This is our current direction.

@Christopher Scherer , I’d love to offer my team the opportunity to be apart of what you’re trying to do in Evansville! A lot has changed in Evansville over the last 15 years, and a lot of growth continues to happen as the area experiences a refreshing wave of revitalization and growth. 

As far as areas for investing goes, that really depends on what your personal goals are. I’d be happy to jump on a call with you this upcoming week to discuss what you’re looking to do and see if there’s any way we can help!