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I’ve done my own taxes in the past, but due to the increased complexity and scale with a few BRRRRs this year and selling another investment property in the near future I’ve decided to start utilizing an accountant. Does anyone local in Evansville have a recommendation? Thanks for your time and help.

I’m in a similar position here in Evansville this year. I’ve used Weinzapfel CPAs the past few years and have been happy. However, I’d like to find someone who can provide advice on a strategic level with my REI goals in addition to the general tax filing requirements. I’ll be watching this thread for other advice and will let you know if I come across any other suggestions in the meantime. Good luck!

I am a beginner still in the research phase, but I received a recommendation from a friend for Marx Accounting. I only just contacted him via email today, so I'm not exactly sure his experience level with real estate investing strategy. I can report back with my experience.

yeah the BRRRR certainly adds a bit of complexity to taxes. I've used Tax-in-house in the past as they specialize in real estate agent taxes but now with the investing arm I'm in process of looking for one here myself!

I called a couple smaller firms and asked if any held real state investments. I ended up talking to an assistant at principal tax group who said the CPA does hers (and she held property), I met with her and she seemed to have good advice and a know how. I was told she also has properties, I made an appointment to have her do mind in late Feb, will follow up and let everyone know my thoughts.

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