WAKE UP SOUTH BEND! How's the investing there?

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Hello South Bend!

I've been looking at the South Bend market and actually thinking of moving there to invest. I have a ton of family between SB and Niles. :) So, I feel comfortable going to that OOS market. (I'm a newbie). 

RE: Properties under $25k purchase price

What I don't understand is looking at super low priced properties that (when I Google map walk them) don't look like they are particularly "bad" neighborhoods even though they supposedly are in higher crime areas. No bars on the windows, yards are basically well kept, not a lot of junk laying around. And they just sit on the market for months. They clearly need fix up, but what gives?

Thanks and happy to hear from anyone of course!

@Anthony M.

Thanks Anthony. I've done a bunch of searches using South Bend as the term but after a few pages decided to ask.. for more current information that what I was finding from several years ago. I will check out the reference thread.

@Liz Cole

Ever since BP updated their search, it seems to me to be more cluttered, confusing and not as relevant and accurate as it used to be even if you use multiple filters.

I can't figure it out.

They seem to have "fixed" what was not broken.

@Anthony M.

Agree. I'm pretty good at sniffing out info, but this search engine could use a better algorithm. Or I need to rethink how I search! I was turning up info from years ago. The market out West has changed significantly in that time frame so hence asked again. 

Anyway, I saw that you wholesale, do contractor work and rehab.. busy guy.

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