Who are the BIGGEST Investors in South Bend, IN? Any room for ..

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... me?  

South Bend is a relatively small city and I'm wondering how competitive it is there for investors. Any guesses or actual stats?  


A lady I know in SB told me there are a couple of REI companies who grabbed lots of good things up. That it's crowded. So wondering what locals experiences are.
I mean, if it's crowded, wouldn't that actually mean it's competitive? I see property sits for 3-6 months.. unless it's an in-your-face extreme deal.

@Liz Cole

Here is a good summary of the typical cash flow property that most Investors go for in South Bend and Mishawaka that I posted in a thread about 6 months ago.


Note: I specifically pointed out cash-flow not appreciation.

There is room for more Investors in this category (C-/C/C+). You just have to be a cash buyer and be able to move fast. You also need a good, strong reliable Property Manager to handle the tenant pool in this category.

You can upgrade to B- and/or B areas but the property taxes kill the cash flow and double digit returns however you will get more stability and modest appreciation.

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