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I am getting started as a real estate investor. In order to have access to the mls, I got my Indiana Broker's license. Last week, my managing broker told me he sold his business and that I needed to find a new broker to park my license. Does anyone know of a great managing broker who understands investors with licenses? I would really love to work for another investor who is also a managing broker. I am in Northwest Indiana and would prefer the Porter County or La Porte County areas. I appreciate any advice that you can give.

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give Kevin at Listing Leaders a call. He's knows investors (hence why he sells our stuff). 

Thanks, Adrien! 

Hey Sandy, my name is Glenn, I am the principal broker at Property Boss LLC in Hammond, if you have not already decided to hang your license anywhere yet we should talk. And we should talk anyway cuz Property Boss is the leading Property Mgmt Company in NWI and if you ever need anything please feel free to contact me anytime... We are licensed general contractors as well.

I did hang my license with Listing Leaders in Valpo.

Oh Sweet! good to hear... Please keep Property Boss in mind if you or any of your future clients need the services of the best Property Mgmt Co in NWI!! Best of Luck!! 

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