Drywall Contractor in Des Moines

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I've used Rock n Trowel a few times in the past.  Their work with textured walls is good, but smooth finish work isn't as good as I like. 

Also have a guy Joe that does his own thing. I can DM you his # if you are interested. 


I am an investor and also involved in the trades here in a Des Moines. I have a crew that could generate an estimate for the scope of work that you described. 

My guys are skilled and would do a great job with the drywall, texture, and paint work. DM me if your interested.


@Justin Daniel  I have my eyes on a property that needs a major rehab.  Is it possible for me to get your contact of your guys in DSM. I was born in raised in DSM but moved out to CA 6 years ago.  I still have strong ties in DSM, and my family would be most likely connecting with the contractor on the ground there. 
Thanks for your time.