Hey there!

im an out of state investor, and im looking to understand the DSM market

on the surface, its seems like there are good deals here (better than the last market ive looked in) but I cant really be sure about that, so I will love to have your insights about DSM

im currently looking for a SFH, fixer upper , have a budget of a 130k.

im paying cash, I can close fast, and if everything will go well, I can have 3 more purchases throughout the year.

im also trying to understand where are the rought neighberhoods, I know that if you are an agent you cannot answer me, but maybe you can  tell me where I can find some info about that (I was looking in Neighborhoodscout, but it seems like there are very few  rough neighborhoods in the DSM, if at all, and most of them are in downtown/NW downtown).