General Contractor Recommendation - Des Moines Iowa

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Anyone here have recommendations for a general contractor in the Des Moines, Iowa area? 

Trying to have a long-term fix for a flooding issue in a finished basement.

Issue is sump pump isn't working optimally and release of water outside needs to be redirected. Also, floor in basement needs to be slanted toward drain that has sump pump, plus a re-do of the flooring to something that can withstand some water. This basement will continue to have water but want to mitigate as much as we can. Thankfully, insulation in walls is covered in plastic so we don't have any mold issues, yet. 

Thanks, team!

I've got the best concrete contractor who can do the inside and can do the perimeter tiling if that's what needs to be done along with sump pump pits. 

Most water issues can be handled by grating the soil around the home, gutters cleaned and down spouts extended. 

Dm me if you want my concrete guy's #.


So is water coming through the walls, the floor or overtopping the sump pit? If it's coming from the walls, the perimeter drain that @Allen Lundgren mentioned may be a good solution (PS I dm'ed you about this Allen).

The sump pump may need a check valve installed to prevent pumped water from sucking back down into the pit.  Re-direction shouldn't be a challenge unless grade is a problem.  

Unfortunately, you can't just re-slope a floor.  Maybe the sump needs to be moved, but I suspect that the installer had to put it there for a reason.

I agree with Allen about preventing water from getting there to begin with, but often that just isn't feasible, especially in older houses, which by-and-large weren't designed well.  I live in one of these lol.

I third the tiling. What you're proposing(re-sloping the floor) would not be a cheap fix either, however tiling would be a more permanent solution. It would prevent any water from even running on the floor. It would run in a channel along the bottom of the wall and empty into the sump.

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