Water heater

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Originally posted by @Adam Moehn :

Does anyone have recommendations of who use in cedar rapids for water heater repair/replacement? I've got one that has leak. Thanks!

Check with the local utility co you deal with. They often have good contractors & you get the Energy Credit a lot faster if its a principal residence. If it's a rental you may get the utility to lease the unit to you on the tenants biilling.

@Adam Moehn

In Cedar Rapids a landlord can pull a water heater permit up to I think 100 gallons. Most landlords I know pull there own permit then buy their own water heater then have a handyman put it in. Saves the plumbers markup and the higher labor cost. I've been getting the Rheem 6 yr water heaters form HD and doing them myself. I've had good luck with them son far. 

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