New to the Quad Cities

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Hello everyone, Moved up to the QC for a new job last summer and now wanting to start investing in the area. Looking for some advice on local contractors, investor agents and the such. Any general info would be appreciated I know that I basically asked for everything anyone could ask for but I also wanted to get a conversation started for the local QC peeps, getting to know the people and love the area! Nathan

@alan bock ...wish I could make it but my company currently has me working a back shift eliminating all my afternoons/evenings. Trying to make the best of it though and going to check out the Tuesday courthouse auctions for some possible investor conversation.

I just closed on a SFR in Davenport, need contractors. So far I've had several no-shows and a couple of crazy-high bids. I need high-quality subs, or a GC who doesn't overcharge. Need to renovate 1.5 bathrooms, replace a kitchen countertop, interior & exterior paint, install vinyl plank flooring, new roof, demo/remove a sub-standard addition, etc, etc.

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