Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks with all your responses to all my previous posts. You never cease to offer informative advice, calming words, and helpful solutions with every post I make. Thanks so much!

I have asked, at this point, 3 different realtors for recommendations for contractors. I got in touch with two, after trying to contact about six. Unfortunately my foreign number (out-of-state, out-of-country investor) seems to scare most people off from answering. 

I had an estimate walkthrough lined up with my agent and two contractors, and the more responsive and presumably professional of the two just informed me he has no time for this project. 

I would really like at least two estimates, since this is my first property, and I need to have some idea on the range of prices, and prices per square foot. I was planning on getting two for education's sake, and on future properties I will be able to estimate easier, having already gotten the estimate on this first one. 

Does anyone have any contractors (only licensed, insured, and bonded, please) that you would recommend who has done great work for you?

Thanks in advance, again, everyone. You guys rock!