New to Wichita area looking for good contractors

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I'm starting to invest in Wichita and wondering if anyone had some recommendations for good contractors In the area. Anything is helpful. Thanks

Hi Colton. I have a guy you might want to get to know.

I would also be interested in finding recommended contractors in the Wichita area if you are willing to share.

I have used a service called Ruth's Home Works when looking for painting, electric, plumbing, etc. They are sort of like a local Angie's list. She usually gives me a few choices and then has them call me to schedule a walk through of what I am needing done. I have been pretty happy with them so far. 

Welcome @Colton Duhr

Good contractors are hard to come by - depending on what you need done you can go the J Scott suggested route and hit up Lowes or HD or Menards early in the morning and see which guys are hurrying around for their prospective trades, painters/refinishers will be at Sherwin Williams or Porter Paints around here - I'm sure the guys at the counter can tell you which contractors are ordering the most paint and the busiest and give you a referral.  New construction sites can be places to find people for side work as well such as concrete, framing, decks, siding etc.

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