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I am searching for a partner to work with that understands the construction / renovation side of the business.

I have put together a direct mail marketing list using open records and plan on offering to buy from distressed sellers soon.

I have recently started working with a local broker and am in the process of getting my license. My goal is learning the process of estimating ARV using the MLS and neighborhood comps. I will also learn local markets to understand what renovations need to be made to be consistent with the market. What I will need help on is estimating repair costs and creating an itemized repair cost worksheet.

I plan on putting together a packet with each distressed property purchased or under contract. This packet will include an ARV with comps provided in detail provided from the MLS. As well as an itemized list of repairs needed and suggested with associated costs.

So this is a call to action for local investors. If you have experience with repair rehab and are looking to partner, reach out to me. If you are interested in purchasing a property with the documentation I will be providing let me know and I will add you to my list.


I suppose it was a mistake not to mention I am looking for a parntber in the Wichita Kansas, Sedgwick county and butler county area.

My construction manager may be interested. PM for more info.

You need to check out the local REIA...lots of experience there.

@Chris Clark oh I'll be there next month. I was sorry I didn't make it to Wichita in time to come this month. How did your talk go? I'm sorry I missed it. You will definitely see me there next time (July 1 right?) with my business cards in hand.

I'm doing everything I can in the mean time to hit the ground running. Meeting people and making moves and learning what I can. I'd love to take you out to coffee some time to talk business as well. I obviously plan on hiring a CPA and an attorney soon, as the only investor CPA I know currently you are my #1 choice. We can talk more next month. Thanks for reaching out.

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