Investor in overland park looking for a broker to affiliate with

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I passed my kansas real estate test a while back and I need to affiliate with a broker.  I'm not looking to sell real estate as a career at this time, I just want access too the mls and be able to look at houses on my convenience. 

Does anyone know of any brokerages that don't mind hanging investor licences with a reasonable desk fee or yearly fee? 

Thank you!

I am not in Kansas, but I am looking for the same thing.  Have you thought about looking  at an online Brokerage in your state who only charges a fee per transaction closed?  They exist.

@Brad Schultheiss call Dennis Perkins at Platinum realty. You can hang your license for free and just pay a per transaction fee of around $550 for any deal you do run through the brokerage. The closest office is in Corporate woods but they have additional offices in Olathe, Blue springs, etc. The MLS is separate and between the lockbox keys and MLS access you will pay a minimum of about $100 a month. Let me know if you have any other questions. :-)

I have an excellent broker and realtor that I use...   answers texts and emails at any hour including weekends.  Knows the market and your business, her business!  She's helped a ton of us out here on BP.  you can message me and I'll send over info!

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