Casual Kansas City Investor Meetup in Westport [February]

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Come join some of your fellow Kansas Citians for a lively discussion on Kansas City SFH/Multi-Family, made even more enjoyable with some drinks and a cool Westport space added into the mix.
With a "the more the merrier" approach, anyone who is interested in casually discussing KC real estate is welcome to join.
There's no pressure, angle, or agenda. Simply hanging out and talking REI.
Those just getting interested, to those with years under their belt, and all the in-between are welcome.
We'll be there 7PM to 10PM(ish)

The Foundry
(upstairs loft space)
424 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

Hope to see everyone there. (02/08/2018)


Thanks for organizing Q. I plan on being there. :-)

Michelle L. Look forward to seeing you there. The event is looking lively 👍🏻

Anyone still meeting today at the Foundry for the KC meet-n-greet?

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