Anyone have or know of a duplex for sale in Topeka Kansas?

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I haven't seen these?  Where did you see them?  I have even asked realtor to send me.  

I have asked probably 4 realtors over the last 6 months to send me duplex leads and none have yet.  Most of them will chime in on social media and say "Hey I can help you" and I will always say, "I am in the market for a duplex so email any you have or come across".  then nothing so far.  

Ha, such is human nature, I mean I understand, I am the biggest at putting things off or trying to get back in focus and keep up on it.  

The One Thing - Narrow that Focus, I keep telling myself.  Do I want to learn about the Corona Virus, or do I want to create wealth.  I just listened to some audible Millionaire Real Estate Investor near the beginning on Myths, man we need to ramp it up and narrow our focus.