Seeking Section 8 Landlords in Jefferson County

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Hello all,

I work with a formerly-homeless population in a Supported Permanent Housing program. All participants have a Section 8 voucher and a case manager to help them remain in housing. I'm seeking Section 8 properties for rent. 

Some of the people I work with have jobs, clean credit, and clean backgrounds. As you can imagine, I have little trouble finding them housing. Others in the program have poor credit, evictions, and multiple felony and/or misdemeanor convictions. These have been more difficult. 

I'm looking for someone who has Section 8 properties for rent -- studio, 1, and 2 bedrooms. The rent will be paid on-time every month. If there are any problems with the tenant, the landlord is encouraged to call the Case Manager with details. You don't have to deal with problems alone -- the Case Manager wants to know when there is an issue and they will go visit the tenant and see how they can help them resolve the problem.

These individuals need a second chance. Anyone who may be willing to consider these tenants please send me a message here on BP. If you have a property that you would like to rent Section 8, but have never done so, I can help you navigate the process. I know the employees at LMHA and can help you get approved as a Section 8 landlord. It's an easy process.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Section 8 is definitely getting  the squeeze due to them coming down hard after the audit. I hope it loosens up, most of my investors aren't willing to deal with them right now.  Best of luck!