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What is the best way to market rental property to University of Louisville students?   I am already using the Louisville Cardinal newspaper.  Are there tried and true methods of marketing on campus?

With everything being so digital nowadays, I would say your best bet is to advertise your rental online. Sites like Zillow, apartments.com, Craigslist and Trulia would be great starting points. Just make sure to highlight the proximity of your property to campus and that should help spark some interest. Hope this helps.

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@Steve Armstrong  As a current student at the University of Louisville, a lot of the individuals I know have used Zillow and other sites to look for places to rent around the campus. I agree with Raphael and would say using an online site or sign in the front yard would be your best bet to finding a tenant.

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Dawson Swindler 

@Steve Armstrong, I also suggest incorporating an old school practice by reaching out to student housing. They may have a site that they can post your rentals. The worst-case scenario, they can simply pass the info on to those looking for off campus housing.

@Steve Armstrong Brandon turner's book on managing rental property has a good section about marketing to certain groups without breaking discrimination laws. to find more college students, using phrases like "close to campus" "short walk to entertainment", "on campus bus route", etc. should help make your listing stick out to college students