Chalmette, La New Construction Single Family Flip

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Has anyone done any new construction in Chalmette? I have a lot there right now and looking to build and sell.  Looking to build a 3-4 bedroom 2 bath house between 1600-1700 sqft.  Any inputs on a breakdown of cost would be great.  The contractors that I have spoke with so far want to charge $100-$125 per sqft to build.

Hi @Erin Thompson . I am both an investor and a realtor in the New Orleans area. I work with several builders and know some that have built in St Bernard Parish. The building codes are a bit different out there. They will not allow a house to be built on banded pile. They require piers which increases the build cost as compared to banded pile. But even so, $100-125 per sq ft to build is normal pricing.

@Braden Smith Thanks for the info, I did not know that about St. Bernard Parish. I have no interested in building out there, as they have shown in the past to regulate landlords and property use not in favor to investors.

@Erin Thompson I would agree with those costs.  Unless your doing super cheap finishes, I would not expect that costs to be able to be much lower than than.

@Mike Wood , now that I think about it that might not be for all of St Bernard Parish. I will check with a builder I know that is building out there now and get back to you on this...

Hey @Mike Wood . I spoke to someone in the planning and permits department for St Bernard Parish. It is not in every area of St Bernard Parish, but only certain areas. I am attempting to obtain a map that shows where you can build directly on pilings and where you must build on piers.

@Braden Smith Thanks.  The requirement to build piers definitely adds decent money to a build over banded pile construction (which is how I do it, except for a front chain wall sometimes).  On my builds, its likely a $8-10k add for a 1000ft foot print house, based on the last house I looked into it for (it was a two story, 1800ft total).  That property was in NOLA but controlled by the HDLC (Historical District Landmarks Commission) and they were trying to force me to use piers (we did a chain wall in the front and fenced the side so they could not see the exposed wood piles for the rest of the house).

Adding $8-10/ft2 to a build is crazy to me for brick/block/concrete piers (less if the house is two or more stories).

Info from the parish:

Arabi has certain stipulations. There is the North Arabi Resilience area and Old Arabi which needs a COA. The rest of the Parish most can be built to your preference like on a slab, on top of elevated pilings, cement block piers, etc. Look at the map that is attached. You definitely cannot build on top of pilings in the North Arabi Resilience and Old Arabi would need a design Approval from the Old Arabi Association. 

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