Downtown area East of I-110. Should I invest ?

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I have been looking to buy a buy and hold investment property in Baton Rouge area. Mostly looking in and around downtown in B - C class neighborhood. Been looking last 3 months but I haven't found any property that makes sense in terms of a balance between cash flow and potential appreciation. There are few properties east of I-110 (somewhat low income areas) which would generate decent cashflow but being a new investor I am just being little skeptical. 

Just wanting to hear from people who have invested in those areas ( Laurel St, Main St, North St ). Your thoughts ? 

Hey, I think the key to investing on those areas would be hiring a PM with experience working with those types of properties and tenants 

@Molly Mayeux .. I was planning to hire property manager for sure. The numbers works well with property manager. My concern would be the quality of tenants and unforeseen events that may come up. The property I am looking into is currently under professional management but 2 of the units been empty for quite a while.