Local Real Estate Investors

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Hello alllll the beautiful people in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Curiously wondering if any local investors need any assistance with anything (yes, even grunt work) involving their real estate investing? 

I'm a young 22 year old, with tons of energy, willingness to learn how things are done in the industry. (Plus I've lived here all my life so I know the area quite well!) 

Not seeking compensation, just seeking the on job learning experience. I currently work a job right now that I am satisfied with the pay. Only work Thurs/Fri/Sats. 

The rest of the week (Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed) is devoted to learning the industry & time I am willing to put towards working for a local investor. I am attending the local REIA's, starting this month. Just really trying to dive into the local market.

So if anyone needs ANY extra assistance, feel free to contact me and we can set up a local meet up!


Landon R. Cobb

Hello Shreveport Investor,

I am interested in finding the best real estate investor friendly banks. I am looking to take advantage of the BRRR strategy mainly. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance!