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Meet some like minded people trying to improve their lots using real estate.  Have some ice cold beers (or your beverage of choice) and talk real estate deal, strategy, network, and everything in between.  I am proposing Monday Aug 29th at 5 or so at the Broken Top Bottle Shop. 

Want to go?  Can you make it?  If not want to do a different time or place?

I'm very new to real estate investing and have been trying to soak up all of the information that I can. I would love to pick your brain and network some. I could make Monday the 29th work if we could push it back an hour or so?

Esther and anyone else who was planning on showing up it is looking pathetically small so I think it will have to be postponed.  Feel free to PM me.  

Sorry it didn't pan out,

I'm jumping into this a tad late but if you meet up again I would love to join in the discussion.  I am a Bend Local and fast forwarding my RE Investment education looking for our first opportunity.

Steve and Christy Osterkamp

Bend, Oregon

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