Fee based financial planner in Portland area?

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Hey friends, 

I've been on a quest to make connections with financial planners and have met a couple of good ones. I'm always on the lookout for folks I can confidently refer my clients to. With financial planners there always seems to be a bit of an underlying sale at stake. For some clients that's fine and they need those services, but for others who have substantial and diverse portfolios, they're really just looking for solid, third-party eyes to look things over. 

Anyone have a good, experienced fee-based financial planner they can recommend?



Hi Mathew, 

I'd be happy to meet with you or talk on the phone. You can judge my competency for yourself, but at a minimum I can say I'm heavily into real estate myself, have many BP member and RE investor clients (some quite big players in the market and just looking for me to do be the third party eyes as you describe), and don't bash on RE as many planners do.

I read many of your posts and think you give solid advice generally. Would be cool to connect regardless of what became of it.

 I will start with your CPA first. Most of them carry 700, 800 etc. licenses. Some carry insurance license,  RE broker license.  You want planning structured to your tax needs. They look at your tax bracket, wills making suggestions tailored toward your tax. A trust attorney will also be great to look over legal aspect protecting clients assets.

Thanks for the responses, appreciate the thoughts Sam but not quite what I was looking for. I do appreciate the angle you were taking. 

Jason, I'll reach out so we can connect. 

Thanks again!

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