Good CRM realtor software for lead tracking?

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Medium 1399492519 avatar pinkrims Monica Breckenridge
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Monica Breckenridge

Involved In Real Estate from Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 15 '12, 08:49 PM

I'm looking for a good system to track our realty leads: both buyers and sellers. I need something that will put them into a follow up with tasks that will email, Send letters, tasks to call lead,, etc. i'm looking for a user friendly system. I just started top producer today and i'm not very happy with it. It's very complicated.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Medium 1448399064 avatar biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

May 15 '12, 09:14 PM

@Monica Breckenridge -
Sharon Vornholt did a series on this very topic on the BiggerPockets Blog; here are the last 3 posts:

- Systems for Managing Contacts and Direct Mail Campaigns for Investors
- How Using A Database In Your Real Estate Business Makes You Money
- Setting Up Your Database for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets

Monica Breckenridge

Involved In Real Estate from Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 16 '12, 01:00 PM

@Joshua Dorkin Thanks Joshua. I don't think these systems will work. I need an online system as well as something I can assign my team members on tasks for follow up. It going to be a system that a team of realtors would use to track their leads and closings. It looks like the top producer site isn't going to work for us. I am using InfusionSoft right now and that is very complicated. I use Short Sale Commander to process my short sales and it is very user friendly. I'm looking for something similar to that that has a CRM built in.

No avatar medium Steve K
Investor from Orlando, FL
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Steve K

Investor from Orlando, Florida

May 16 '12, 03:42 PM

It's not realtor specific but I like highrise. Pretty simple to use and there are tons of other SaaS products that can integrate with it.

Monica Breckenridge

Involved In Real Estate from Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 17 '12, 07:23 PM

I spoke to the president of short sale commander today and they are switching to realty commander. They are going to implement a crm with the software. It will be released in a few months. I'm very happy with short sale commander and can't wait for the upgrade. Its very user friendly.

Medium 1412209793 avatar brighterdays Karen Margrave
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Karen Margrave Moderator

Brokers-Developers-Licensed G.C. from Orange County, California

May 17 '12, 08:41 PM

I know this is a change of subject, but this group seems to be experienced in marketing, so... When it comes to marketing do you do both email marketing campaigns AND direct mail, or strictly direct mail. Why?

We relocated to a new area, having come from a smaller city where we were very well established, but was hit extremely hard by the crash. We now need to start finding investors/buyers for projects we are planning. We mostly develop new (SFR, and small commercial office condo projects which are sold to owner/users or investors (we handle lease up for investors if necessary).

I'm just curious with your experience, which marketing has been most effective for you. You are marketing to property owners, we need to market to investors/buyers, however results should be comparable for both. Plus any other input is appreciated!

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Monica Breckenridge

Involved In Real Estate from Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 18 '12, 05:02 AM

We do direct mail marketing. If we get a lead in and they aren't motivated to sell we stay in contact with them by email, mail, and phone call follow ups. Once they call they will usually give out their email.

Medium 1399596916 avatar aqbutler Amber Butler
Rehabber from Mount Holly, NJ
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Amber Butler

Rehabber from Mount Holly, New Jersey

May 18 '12, 05:18 AM

@Monica Breckenridge there is a company that I think has what your looking for. They are called I have never tried them before, but I have heard good things. If you decide to try it out, let me know what you think.

No avatar medium Howard Klahr
Appraiser from Coral Springs, FL
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Howard Klahr

Appraiser from Coral Springs, Florida

May 18 '12, 08:08 PM

Have you looked at any of the following:

SugarCRM -
Zoho CRM -
REthink Residential Real Estate CRM -

I would be interested in what you think.

Medium 1439339570 avatar gamedayhouse Beth Spradley
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Medium 1399543701 avatar tariquesch Tarique Jawed
Washington, Washington D.C.
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Amber Butler

Rehabber from Mount Holly, New Jersey

Jul 30 '12, 06:52 AM

@Monica Breckenridge Despite my previous reply, I would look into FBFlow/ Open Road. It is seriously amazing software. You get a one month free trial. If you do try it let me know how you like it, but it sounds like exactly what you are looking for.

Medium 1399485929 avatar chris  h Chris H.
Commercial Real Estate Broker from Walnut Creek, CA
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Chris H.

Commercial Real Estate Broker from Walnut Creek, California

Jul 30 '12, 01:15 PM

I really enjoy SalesForce. They have a lot of plugins & addon programs that help, and you can easily track leads, assign tasks, & have a history of your contact information.

Check them out @

Medium 1399658507 avatar tama Tama Joseph
Auckland, New Zealand
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Tama Joseph

from Auckland, New Zealand

Nov 15 '12, 01:39 AM

Hi Monica,
I hope you find the system you are looking for, there so many different types of crm systems out there.

Medium 1399050034 avatar jls944 Justin Silverio
Methuen, MA
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Justin Silverio

from Methuen, Massachusetts

Nov 15 '12, 05:07 AM

@Monica Breckenridge Did you find a new software? Are you using the software to produce your direct mail as well? I've been looking for a cloud based program that can do something similar (manage direct mail campaign/crm/organization) and haven't found anything that is reasonably priced.

Medium open letter marketing logoJustin Silverio, Open Letter Marketing LLC
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Medium 1399576949 avatar papabjoe Barry Hammond
Bird-dogger from Phoenix, AZ
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Barry Hammond

Bird-dogger from Phoenix, Arizona

Nov 16 '12, 01:51 PM

@Monica Breckenridge

I'm going to tell you something that a lot of people may start throwing things at me for. But I would tell you to do exactly what you are doing in researching "canned" crm applications. But I would also tell you, that I crms are pretty lousy in general, and it seems that even the most popular applications fall short for many people most of the time.

If I were in your shoes, I would definatly make myself aware of what was out there, and then ask myself if the cost was worth learning to "play in someone else's playground".

Then I would tell you to explore the possibility of developing your own. To some this is a daunting task. But there are many nerds out there, who develop custom crm apps every day. I've designed my own apps using programs like filemaker (before you laugh at that, remember companies like walmart and itunes are using filemaker).

But seriously. Wouldn't it be nice having a crm that did things the way you do things, that costs less, and doesn't require you to jump through a bunch of hoops?

Medium 1399655937 avatar richiegill Richie Gill
Austin, TX
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Richie Gill

from Austin, Texas

Nov 24 '12, 11:01 PM
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Zoho CRM seems to have the most features for the best price. I have used it for a couple years and it can basically automate every part of the sales process.

Regardless, CRM systems are complicated by their very nature - so expect somewhat of a learning curve. Either spend the time learning how to make the most of it or hire an IT person to setup and manage it.

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