ISO Insurance Broker for Maryland

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I'm in search of a broker that can get quotes for me for a rental townhouse I have. It would need to be an HO6. I can give all the current coverage's and limitations I currently have. Next month is the renewal and I'm shopping around for $-2-coverage, customer service, and whether it's going to be a hassle when putting in a claim. I'm currently with State Farm.


Good morning Daria.  There is a local company that I am signing with next week for two policies and they offer HO6 coverage.  They have great customer service and follow-up also.  Please message me for their contact information if you're interested.

Have a great day!

Hi @Daria B. I am happy to help if you want to send a message to me.

@Dave Lin Thanks! I spoke with a broker and unfortunately I don't think I can get anything lower with the same coverage.

@Daria B. No problem. 

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