Section 8 Rent for 5 Bedroom House in Baltimore City

3 Replies | Baltimore, Maryland

Hey everyone,

I own a 5BD/3 BA property in the Barclay section of Baltimore City and I was curious what the fair market rent for it is. I checked the HUD website and their chart only goes up to 4 bedrooms. Does the rent not increase past 4, or is there another way of determining what the additional bedroom would fetch the property in rent?

Please let me know when you get a chance.


Final FY 2019 FMRs By Unit Bedrooms
Final FY 2019 FMR$862$1,074$1,342$1,732$1,992

The FMRs for unit sizes larger than four bedrooms are calculated by adding 15 percent to the four bedroom FMR, for each extra bedroom. For example, the FMR for a five bedroom unit is 1.15 times the four bedroom FMR, and the FMR for a six bedroom unit is 1.30 times the four bedroom FMR. FMRs for single-room occupancy units are 0.75 times the zero bedroom (efficiency) FMR.

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