Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands

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Hi BP Community,

Have a SFH, 2 bed 1 bath, that I am looking to install Luxury Vinyl Planking. Its only about 600 sqft of total space I need the flooring for (living room is refinished hardwood). Which brand do you prefer? I read reviews online but curious what the community thinks! I plan on buying it from HomeDepot/Lowes and hiring a local handyman to install. Lifeproof? TrafficMaster? HomeDecorators? A&A?

Thank you!

@Brendon Kerrigan - I’ve had very positive experience with Lifeproof by Home Depot. I’m sure other products are quite good as well but I find the price, durability, and aesthetic of Lifeproof very good and therefore have no reason to try anything else.

Good luck with your project!

@Todd Wheatley Thanks for the input.  I did see Lifeproof had good reviews and from what I can tell its the most expensive option too ranging from $2.85-3.25 per sq/ft.  I was leaning that way but wasnt sure if the other brands that were less expensive were as good.

We used NuCore from Floor and Décor.  The one we got had the cork backing already.  No complaints and it was easy to install.  Waterproof so you can wet mop and *lifetime warrantee for residential use, whatever you think of warrantees.

No issues after 3 years so far.

If you install it yourself, don't listen to them about only needing that razor thing they sell -- you need a table saw for rips and a chop saw to cut.  Otherwise, easy-peasy!