Lancaster Mass rental market

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Does anyone know what the rental market is like in Lancaster, Mass? Once my wife and I find find a home and move out we will need to put our unit up for rent. It's a 2BR 1bath approx 920 sqft.

The rental market there has been pretty quiet, with only 10 rented in the last 6 months. 5 of those were 2 beds.

There has been only one 2/1 rented and that was at 28 Kinnear Ave, 887 sq ft at $850/month.

Three townhouses were rented at 246 High St.  Those were all 1128 sq ft 2/1.5 at $1450.

One was rented at 555 Red Tail Way. That was 1700 sq ft 2/2.5 at $2000.

Hope that helps!

@Charlie MacPherson Thank you! I looked more in dept on the apartments you gave me. I think I should be able to rent one of my units(2/1 approx 1,100sqft) for at least $1,100 given the condition, location, and oil, hot water, and trash included.

I think my other unit 2/1 920sqft for at least $1,250 . It is newly renovated, new kitchen with marble tops and appliances and flooring and fresh paint. This also includes oil, hot water and trash.

I would certainly think so if you're including heat.  

I just checked again - none of the other rentals I mentioned earlier included heat.  

If I ever need a place to go to warm up this winter, I'll go to your tenant's place.  I'm sure it will be a nice balmy 75 degrees with you paying for their heat!  :-)

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