Looking to speak with nvestors in Lowell/Methuen/Haverhill

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Hey folks,

I am in the early stages of exploring buy and hold opportunities in Lowell/Haverhill/Methuen.  I'd love to network with active investors who own multiple properties in any of these towns.  Doing my due diligence and would love to learn from those who are actively involved in these specific markets.  I'll buy the beer/coffee!



Hey Justin, 

I'm a real estate agent / investor in Lowell, MA. I work at Z.R. Rourke Real Estate as a realtor. My team buys and holds and flips properties in Lowell all the time. My partner and I specialize in finding good deals to buy and marketing to sell. I'd love to connect and help you find an investment property. 

- Allyssa 

I invest in Haverhill and Methuen. Looked at Lowell and Lawrence but the right opportunities have not come up (at least for me) on those places as of yet. Happy to connect and help if i could.

@Allyssa Guerin I am interested as well if you could please keep me in the loop.

@Justin Repp , I am an investor currently house hacking in Haverhill, I have been here for just over a year now.  I would be happy to speak with you about Haverhill and what I've learned about this area and surrounding towns.

Feel free to connect with me and shoot me a PM to chat.

What's up Justin,

I am Matt and I am from Beverly, Ma as well. I currently live in Haverhill, Ma. I moved there for the multi family market. In 2015 I purchased a 2 family in Haverhill and have been house Hacking it since. I am know in the market for a 3-4 family house. It's a little slow right now naturally due to it being winter however there are still deals to be made. Let me know if you have any questions and how your search is going, maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other to provide value.


@Dan Smith @Matthew Ortins

Can you give summary on Haverhill mult-family rents. Which areas should a new investor avoid or take note.

Someone I can across was house hacking a 3 family, later found out one unit was listed for $1300 in 2014. Where would I buy a multi in Haverhill and rent a 3bd/1bth for $1300+.

Also can anyone compare/contrast Lowell and Haverhill rent market.

Thanks guys and ladies

Hey @Zico George

Haverhill's A and B class areas in my opinion are Bradford and Riverside. This is where you can get at least 1300-1500 a month for a 2BR apartment. For a 3BR 1300 is fairly low. This would be in an area that is closer to a C or a D class. This would be in tougher neighborhoods like by the Aves. I have looked into Lowell a little bit lately and find that it has a consistently lower price point than Haverhill. I am interested in learning more about what apartments are renting for in Lowell. I am currently renting multiple 2 BRs in riverside of Haverhill for 1300+. Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm glad to help out. 


@Matthew Ortins thanks for the info.

Lowell rental market is all over the place. I'll say any multi about ~1 to 1.5 mile from downtown is rough...Bridge St(# streets of bridge) Broadway st(cork st, fletcher st, cross st) Lawrence st( up until fire station) Pine st & school. All the streets have bad spots. Farther away from downtown the better.

Prices varies too, I have a single family in south lowell renting $1350 it's 960 sqft 3bd/1bath

@Zico George

I own/live in the Bradford area of Haverhill.  zip code 01835 if you want to google it.  Bradford is one of the nicer neighborhoods.  I have a third floor 950 sq ft 2 bed 1 bath that rents for 1200 and a 2nd floor 2 bed 1 bath, 1200 sq ft that rents for 1400.  I could probably get a little more for them, but I like my tenants and don't have a need to change that.  If you're looking for solid units, Bradford is a great bet.

If you prefer lower end, the aves are all scary places to me.  A lot near downtown is also not my cup of tea.  My plan is to buy all of my properties in the Bradford zip code.

Haverhill itself is a great town and Bradford is about a 5 minute average drive to the downtown Haverhill scene.  There is a good mix of younger and older families and it's a city we plan to live in for a long time.  I'm happy to answer specific questions if you have them.

Thanks @Dan Smith and @Matthew Ortins

Will definitely seek your advice on the Haverhill market if I ever find a property I'm interested in. Currently looking to get multi in either Haverhill with 20% down or Framingham/Marlborough with 5% down. Haven't been able to find a good deal.

Keep me in mine if you come across a deal you're not interested in