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Hello All,

I am a Realtor in the Greater Boston area and seeking to expand my network. Namely, Id like to network with investors/contractors and provide value in the kind of Analysis and also any off market properties I come across.

I also have been mining through my network to create a rehab/flip business- with my goal on having my first property within the first half of the year. Finding a mentor in this realm would be ideal as I look to have consistent projects throughout the year. I would also be interested in learning the ropes of the business from this individual as well.

If there is a better place to find like minded people in person id be open to suggestions. 



@Frank Ventresca

I'm also in Mass- sounds like you have a great mindset! Are you looking to connect in your area or expand in MA?

@Frank Ventresca I'd be interested in connecting. I live in Watertown and own a condo that I rent out. My plan is to sell it in June and purchase two 3-families.

I'd be interested in hearing your advice and share contacts.


I think mentors are better found on a face to face basis.  Network with real estate investors in the Boston area, don't limit yourself to one group or even a small geography.  Don't assume that the location of the meeting determines where the attendees invest, and don't assume all groups are the same.  Some are mostly beginners, some attract a larger percentage of seasoned investors.  Some are free, some charge.  Try them all and meet as many people as you can.  You can find some of them on the events page on BP, and a bunch more are found on Meetup.  Black Diamond attracts a high percentage of seasoned investors and the next meeting is on the Events page here on BP.  

Hey @Frank Ventresca Interesting request but make sure you let whoever is running a meeting know what you have to offer and what you're looking for. They'll probably match you up and give you a minute to address a group... By the bye our meeting is this evening and listed on events.

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